Blood Red Shoes - An Animal + Wretch (feat. Eoin Loveless and Ian Clement)

Blood Red Shoes – An Animal + Wretch (feat. Eoin Loveless and Ian Clement)

“Fire in your eyes, standing on your own,
no-one ever wants to be alone…”


Blood Red Shoes are one of the most ass-kickingest bands on Planet Earth. FACT.

Their latest album – the cunningly titled Blood Red Shoes – was released on March 3rd and continues in the proud tradition of the preceding three albums (and of course the Water EP) by KICKING ALL KINDS OF ASS.
So do your ears a favour, stop…

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Pixies - Women Of War (Free MP3)

Pixies – Women Of War (Free MP3)

“…So be my soldier lover and I’ll be your peaceful dove…”


New Pixies album Indie Cindy is released April 28th – ace news for Pixies fans, because y’know, it’s been a while…

If you picked up Indie Cindy on vinyl ahead of time on Record Store Day, then you may already have Women Of War as an even more limited edition bonus 7-inch single.
If not then… hey!
You can download Women Of War for FREErigh…

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Happy Easter from Kate Upton… and her boobs.

Happy Easter from Kate Upton… and her boobs.


Kate Upton.

Supermodel. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star. Actress.
Unofficial ambassador for the true meaning of Easter – which, if the forces of rampant commercialism can teach us anything, has something to do with bunnies, chocolate eggs and most importantly…

big-ass boobies.

Can I get an Amen, brother Turk?


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